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Qin Ji has consistently adhered to the "people-oriented" ideology, talents as the first "capital", regard the talents as the "wealth", and strive to create an understanding of people, respect people, care about people working environment, human environment and pay attention to enterprise's existence and development of the spirit of the environment. Continuously improve the construction of enterprise culture, comprehensive development and utilization of human values, beliefs, moral, emotional and spiritual strength, continue to inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of staff, to strengthen the team construction, the enhancement enterprise cohesive force, improve business visibility, reputation and comprehensive competitive force.

The Qin Ji team spirit of the Convention

Responsibility: 1, bear family responsibility, post responsibility, civil responsibility, be a responsible person;

2, dedication: love their jobs, studying business, enhance skills, make a dedicated type;

3, innovation: good at innovation, enterprising, pragmatic, to be a creative person;

4, cooperation: with a sense of team, and be good at communication, diligent, do a collaboration type;

5, advocate harmonious: fair, open and aboveboard, upper and lower harmony, a harmonious person;

Continue to forge ahead, create Qin based image

Customer service, establish win-win, serve the society, the pursuit of harmony:

People-oriented, to create the perfect team, to meet customer demand;

Focus on technological innovation, management innovation, customer needs beyond the;

With the system to control the human nature, human life achievement, to stimulate the potential;

Adhere to the brand management, participate in world competition!

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