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Qin Ji is a "cherish" enterprise, "hard work, innovation" is our requirements for qualified personnel, diligent attitude, innovative thinking is all we need. We adhere to the "human resource is the first resource" and the principle of "humanistic management" approach, using competition mechanism, where the amount applied, because it can define, stimulate staff's potential and creativity, provide the conditions for the growth of talent, to help employees achieve self-enhancement, and with the ability and contribution of employee value employees of the business. We hope all staff will seriously hands, every step taken occupation career seriously.

Qin Ji is also a "understand" sharing "of the enterprise, cooperation, sharing" is our philosophy, the company is willing to work with employees to share the happiness and joy. We expect every employee to follow the company's corporate culture, treasure company to provide development platform and space, personal objectives into business goals, will people into the big I, the realization of personal value with excellent work, create value for the enterprise.

We are willing to cooperate talent:

Have good occupation morals.


pragmatic and efficient

has strong working ability and learning ability

focus on teamwork

We refuse to cooperate talent:

no occupation moral

seek nothing but profits, square accounts in every detail

work drag, ambitious

Negative, enterprising, muddle along.

The lack of the sense of teamwork.

We discover, use each employee talent, respect each employee's labor, for each employee's contribution, firmly believe that the excellent talents should get good returns.

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